12 December 2017

#NotJustMyWork is to draw attention to the myriad ways in which universal human rights apply to sex workers. Sex workers are organizing to claim and advance their rights as workers, as citizens entitled to social benefits, as part of the feminist movement, and as people entitled to a life of respect and non-discrimination.

CREA in partnership with the All India Network of Sex Workers (Ainsw India) is launching this campaign to suspend judgment around sex workers. From Sunday, 10th December, Human Rights Day and ending 17th December on the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, #NotJustMyWork will feature videos, quotes, infographics and many other resource material to highlight the struggle of the sex workers’ movement to advance their different rights.

Interact with us and the CREA community by posting, commenting, tweeting, and bringing back the message to your groups on the importance of recognizing universal human rights of sex workers.

You can follow the entire campaign here or through our Facebook page and Twitter  handle.